Sophisticated system

The roller insect screen is a straightforward system with a simple click system for opening and closing. It is rolled up in the open position in the roller box, and can be unrolled easily by pulling on the end slat or the drawstring. It contains a brake to ensure that the insect screen net slows down automatically when closing. 


 Corrosion resistant

The box and the guide rails are made of thick-walled extruded aluminium that are resistant to weather conditions. 

  High-quality net

The net is made of glass fibre and is UV-stabilized. The thin fibres allow for aeration and good visibility from the room.

We are presenting the Better View net, which further improves the view from your room. The fabric has a smaller diameter than a normal net, allowing for better aeration.

Simple installation

Quick and easy installation, also possible on finished buildings. It is mounted on the outer side of the window, on the façade, or under the plaster in a new construction. The roller insect screen can be integrated into various TEHROL external shading elements.

Roller top insect screen

The roller top insect screen is a type of classic roller insect screen suitable for windows of larger dimensions. It is distinguished from the classic roller insect screen by its box shape and guide rails. The box can be round or rectangular, and the guide rails are narrower than in the original version.


Both the classic and the roller top insect screen systems are suitable for skylights.