Cookie Policy

On the web page we want to give you current and important information. We use cookies to make the page more suitable to your needs. 

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are all information the web page saves to your browser and later recalls for the purpose ensuring continuity of individual requests. This information are tracking cookies, local storage, session storage and other techniques used by online solutions providers for identification of individuals and determining the continuity of visits.

Why Do We Need Them?

Cookies are essential for customer friendly online services. Reputable web pages enrich the user experience with the help of cookies. Cookies enable the browser to maintain your log-in and remember your settings, condition of basket etc. and ensures effective use of web page.

We also use cookies for our analytics (for example number of visits, scrolling the page). We also use cookies for personalised advertising. 

Which Cookies Do We Use?

Required cookies

Required cookies make the web page usable, as they enable basic functions like navigation of page and access to protected areas of the web page, choice of language, font etc.  Without these cookies the web page does not function properly, so they can’t be turned off.

Cookie name Server Operator The purpose Validity
pll_language Tehrol d.o.o. Stores browser language selection 1 year


Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies enable the monitoring of visits to the web page, so the provider can improve the page and its content.  If you turn off these cookies, the page will work normally, but we will not get the information with which we can improve our web page and your user experience.

Cookie name Server Operator The purpose Validity
_ga Google Inc(1)(2)    
  1. Cookie provider policy LINK


Advertising cookies

These cookies enable the showing of customised or relevant services and products based on your browsing history at and other web pages and social networks. In case you turn off these cookies, advertising will not be reduced, but it will be less relevant for you and your shopping habits.

Ime piškotka Strežnik Upravljavec Namen piškotka Veljavnost


Third party cookies

Third party cookies enable functionality of presentation requested by third party plug-ins like for example Youtube multimedia, Google Maps etc. Third party plug-ins request the acceptance of their service policy which are beyond our control. In case you decline these cookies, we won’t be able to show you content based on third party plug-in, like maps, multimedia etc.

Ime piškotka Strežnik Upravljavec Namen piškotka Veljavnost
    Google(1)(2) Prikaz in analitika zemljevida  
    Youtube(1)(3) Upravljanje z predvajalnikom Youtube  
  1. Data gathered by this cookie is processed by the provider from the US and must be handed over to US intelligence agencies upon request.
  2. Cookie provider policy at LINK
  3. Cookie provider policy at LINK
  4. Cookie provider policy at LINK


Validity of Policy

Cookie policy is used from the date of publication.

Date of publication or last update 30.11.2022