Roller Screen

The internal screen is an effective shading element with a modern appearance. Along with effective shading capabilities, it also enables an unimpeded view from the room. You can choose from a variety of fabrics that differ in transparency and colours.


Pleated Blinds

The aesthetically pleasing creases of collapsed blinds will decorate your living space. Its design makes it flexible and widely applicable for decoration and dimming at home or in business premises.

The pleated blind system is suitable for every type of window; for large and small windows, skylights, windows with irregular shapes and conservatories.



This system is simple and functional. The design is modern and trendy, and can also double as a decorative element besides shading.


Vertical/Panel Curtains

Vertical curtains are designed for shading medium or larger glass surfaces. The selection includes strips of various widths and colour shades.

Panel curtains are an internal shading element, similar to vertical curtains, but the strips are usually wider. Their role is distinctively decorative; they feature clean lines, giving the room a more modern look.


Internal Venetian Blinds

The simplest form of shading for both living and office spaces. They are distinguished by a high-quality lifting mechanism, simple operation, and simple assembly.