As the name suggests, we deal in shading. But that simply does not cover our extensive range of innovative solutions that can greatly improve your wellbeing in your home. Are you interested in what you can improve in your home with Tehrol’s products? Did you know that Tehrol also offers other top-quality products for the home in addition to shading elements?


You can find shading elements for all your needs at Tehrol. And this is regardless of your taste, financial capacity and the type of building in which you reside or work.

Our range of shading includes various types of internal and external blinds. Among them are classic systems, such as roller shutters and external venetian blinds. As a company dedicated to innovation and modern technology, Tehrol offers other innovative modern shading elements as well. The shading elements can also be operated with an electric drive. For even greater comfort, Tehrol has prepared a program for the complete automation of the operation of shading elements.

You can also choose special venetian blinds for your home. For example, Blint safety blinds, blinds in roller boxes, Invisa blinds with invisible guide rails, or concealed blind systems. In addition to the blinds and roller shutters of many types and shapes, there are pleated blinds, elise shades, vertical curtains and panel curtains, as well as internal and external screen, combo and sonro roller blinds. Everything your heart desires and everything you need to effectively protect your home from the sun.


Awnings are often overlooked when talking about classic shading systems. In addition to classic awnings, Tehrol also offers half-cassette and cassette awnings, awnings for conservatories, and pergolas.



You have effectively protected your home against the sun, but you are still inconvenienced by insects? We are well prepared for this at Tehrol, with various types of insect screens. You can choose from roller, pleated, fixed and sliding insect screens, as well as special insect screen doors.



At Tehrol, we will be happy to take care of your roller garage door. The remote-controlled roller garage door will ease your arrivals and departures to and from home and protect your garage inventory. Bars can also be arranged for the additional protection of business facilities.