While browsing the web, you may have encountered information that there are several types of shutters. The four main types are outward, inward, concealed and inclined. Now what? Which type is more suited to your home?


The primary type of shutter that you can choose is determined by the stage of the construction of your home, or your decision on a large or small adaptation. Some types of shutters can only be installed at a certain stage of construction or during a certain type of adaptation of an already completed construction. Apart from this basic limit, however, you can choose from all of the shutters that are available.


Front-Mounted Roller Shutters

Front-Mounted Roller Shutters are usually mounted on the outer frame of the window, so they are in principle suitable for all types of facilities. For completed facilities, new constructions and buildings undergoing adaptation.

Top–Mounted Roller Shutters

This type is mounted on the inside of the window during its installation. For this reason, the system is particularly suitable for buildings where the windows are being renovated. And, of course, for new constructions as well.

Plaster Embedded Roller Shutters

As the name suggests, this type is installed under the plaster. This means that it is suitable for buildings where the façade is also being renovated. These are new constructions and adaptations, which includes façade renovation works.

Asymmetric Roller Shutters 

Intended for windows with irregular shapes (except for round shapes). The upper cabinet is made of extruded thick-walled aluminium, making the system very compact and durable.
Control of this system can only be implemented with an electric drive.



If your home is already finished, your only choice is the Front-Mounted Roller Shutters. If you are still building you home, all systems are suitable, including the outward system.