The control of pergolas is possible only with electric drive

1. Operation with switch key      2. Remote control  

1. Switch key

The electric drive operation of pergolas is a basic execution of an electric drive, where the shading element is controlled by a switch. In this system, an electrical installation must be arranged with the switch, which controls the pergolas.

2. Remote wireless control

With this system, the pergolas are operated with a remote control. The remote controls are multi-channel. You can specify which pergola or group of pergolas you will control with each channel.

One chanel-wireless-wall remote control.

One- or five-channel remote control. Each channel is programmable. You can control one or more shading elements with each channel, or you can control them all at once.

Weather sensor

With the addition of weather sensors, the pergolas automatically adjust according to changes in weather.

The WIND, SUN, RAIN sensor is a wireless device that adapts to weather changes.