Who are we?

We are a company with a wide range of shading elements on offer. We advise, manufacture and install various rolling shutter systems, blinds, garage doors, insect screens, awnings and pergolas. We strive for a different, innovative perspective on the world of shading and we are successfully developing solutions to cater for our clients. The company’s plans are set out in a clear, organisational way and on a high technical level. This way of thinking and working has brought our company to the top of the shading market.

How do we work?

Better process – better results.

Our strategic working process flows seamlessly and shapes a comprehensive solution.

Advice: We want to consistently fulfil our promises to our customers, so we
adapt to their preferences and requirements, and also offer professional advice.

Configurator: In addition to personal counselling, we will advise you on deciding which shading element is right for you. The Configurator, available on our website, enables the projecting of products on your facility.

Preview and measurements: Before installation, you will be visited by our sales technologist who will perform accurate measurements, offer expert advice, and present the systems and samples.

Production: Own production. All products are made using quality German materials and manufactured in Slovenia.

Installation and Service : Own installation and service teams, with 17 years of experience.

What do we promise?

We are dedicated to providing products that give our customers the feeling of superior quality. We want to consistently fulfil our promises to our customers, so we constantly adapt to their requirements and preferences. We provide advice to customers (including on the basis of the Configurator), we adhere to the agreed production deadlines, and above all, we want bring quality products closer to the customer at competitive prices.

Seeking advice from Tehrol

The consultants at Tehrol will be happy to advise you regarding your new construction, adaptations or minor renovations via email, by phone or in person.

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Working hours:

From Monday to Friday: 7:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: closed

Kje se nahajamo?


Business zone Komenda
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+386 172 30 500  info@tehrol.comMon – Fri: from7:00am to 5:00pm    Saturday, Sunday, Holidays: closed

Showroom Österreich
Rosentaler strasse 54 
9020 Klagenfurt

+43 (0) 664 4603 082,  +43 (0) 664 2502 220  info@tehrol.com


Info + 386 (0) 1 723 05 00
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Installation and service + 386 (0) 59 090 991
Technical department + 386 (0) 59 090 998
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