Roller Shutters

Tehrol shutters protect your apartment, house or office from external noise, burglary and the loss of precious thermal energy in the winter. They also provide excellent insulation in the summer, protecting the space from excessive heating.


Sonro Roller Shutter

Sonro is a strong and compact shading system. Its strengths include isolation, aesthetic attraction and optimum visibility from the interior space.

Due to the special shape of the slats, the light and air slots are highly effective. The air gap when the slats are half-closed allows the passage of as much as 21% of the light into the room, while its effective shading does not obstruct the view from the room. With a fully-lowered slats, the shading is 100%.

The Sonro shading system can be inserted into every type of Tehrol roller shutter box.


Combo Roller Shutter

The Combo is a combination of roller shutters and external venetian blinds. It combines the features of both shading systems: aeration, isolation and the complete dimming of a room.

The air slats can be equipped with an insect net.


External Venetian Blinds

External venetian blinds are a good heat insulator since they prevent the heating of the glass and thus the direct entry of heat into the room. The special feature of this shading system is the tiling of slats and regulating the amount of light in the room.


External Textile Screen

The Screen shading system works perfectly with large glass surfaces. It is a very good heat insulator and effectively prevents glare in the room, while its transparency allows for a view from inside.

You can choose from a variety of fabrics that differ in transparency and colour.