Classic venetian blinds

The Classic blinds are the basic internal blind model. This is a practical and useful type of shading for living and office spaces. The amount of light (inclination of the slats) is controlled through a flexible rotary rod. The raising and lowering is done with a string. The width of the slats is 25 mm.

Diplomat blinds

The Diplomat blinds are distinguished from Classic blinds by their aesthetic mechanism cover. The amount of light or the slope of the slats is controlled by a chain.

Dimming slats

These can be installed in both Classic and Diplomat internal venetian blind systems. Compared to the classic version, dimming slats do not have openings and consequently allow for the better obscuration of the space.

Integral blinds

Suitable for equipping and shading business premises. They are mounted between the window glass sheets. The slope of the slats can be controlled by a movable button. The advantage of the blinds is that they are not exposed to the room.

Windows with irregular shapes

In addition to the classic rectangular shapes, both the Classic and Diplomat systems are the ideal solution for shading windows with irregular shapes.


The blind slats are made of high-quality spray-painted aluminium with a width of 16 or 25 mm.  They are an ideal solution for shading triangular or other irregularly-shaped windows.  Our wide selection of slat colours will affect your room’s appearance.

classic slats – 25 mm

dimming slats – 25 mm

perforated slats – 25 mm

slats – 16 mm

wooden slats