Classic Pergolas

The pergola is an exterior construction consisting of columns that support roof beams onto which the shading element is mounted. It is made of high-quality folded cloth, resistant to weather conditions.

The roof shading element can be closed and provides protection against sun or rain. When we want more light or warm sunrays, the shading element can be folded.


Bioclimatic Pergolas

The bioclimatic pergola provides the maximum comfort in terms of temperature, light and ventilation by exchanging natural air and adjusting the amount of light. Compared to the classic pergola, the bioclimatic pergola has durable aluminium slats that can be adjusted.

The aluminium construction has a built-in water drain, and the comfort is further increased by both the remote control and the option of mounting side shades. In the evenings, you can enjoy monochrome or colour-variable illumination by LED lamps.