Cassette and non-cassette systems

To meet the various preferences and requirements, we present a larger selection of screen systems that will have an aesthetic effect on your room. You can select from versions with or without cabinets, which help build a modern interior appearance.

Double roller

Day-night solution. The system features two fabrics: the dimming fabric, which is intended for the complete dimming of the room, and the translucent fabric, intended for daily use.

Translucent fabric
Option of different transparencies and fabric colours.                       SAMPLES

Dimming fabric
Option of opaque or fully dimming fabrics.                                              SAMPLES

Installation options

The internal screen rollers can be mounted in a window frame, on a wall or, in a concealed way, into a ceiling aperture.

Concealed internal screen

The shading element’s box is concealed in the interior side of the window. The image shows an example of a concealed screen cabinet designed to divide space.


Large window openings

Internal roller shading is very suitable for large window openings.


The shading can be operated manually or with an electric drive.