The Screen model is an interesting and efficient shading element that features security and design, as well as provides protection from solar rays. It is designed for both external and internal spaces. It is very effective at deflecting light and controlling heat, and different levels of transparency enable visibility from inside the room.

Translucent fabric
Various levels of transparency and colours of fabrics.                           SAMPLE

Dimming fabric
Opaque, completely darkens the room.                                       SAMPLE

Zip screen system

The novel feature of the zip screen system is the inclusion of a special zipper, which is welded to the edges of the fabric introduced into the side guide rails. The zipper is used to achieve complete closure and tension of the shading element. The advanced mechanism ensures excellent wind resistance and is also suitable as an insect screen due to its complete seal. All existing screen fabrics can be used in the zip screen system, along with completely dimming fabric, which fully dims the room thanks to its zip system.

Box options

The roller boxes and guide rails are made of extruded aluminium and are particularly robust and durable. We offer two types of boxes: The 90 and 45 degree variants. In new constructions, concealed assembly is possible where the screen box is hidden beneath the façade.

Panoramic windows

The Screen shading element is an excellent solution for shading larger glass surfaces.

Terrace and balcony shading

The Screen works perfectly for shading terraces, balconies, conservatories and pergolas. Fabrics with varying light transparency provide a clear view of the surrounding area while ensuring good ventilation.

Transparent crystal screen

A crystal canvas, which enables outward vision, can be inserted into the screen canvas. This type of system is used in restaurants to extend the operation of terraces into the colder months.


The blinds can be operated manually or by an electric drive. The TEHROL system enables the fully automatic control of external blinds.