Aesthetic and effective shading

Internal pleated shading is one of the most interesting and useful interior shading solutions. The aesthetically pleasing creases of collapsed blinds will decorate your living space. The aluminium profiles and fine metal particles are made of stainless materials. The nylon wire is reinforced with a core, providing greater strength. The plastic elements are mixed with glass to avoid wear with major loads.

Double shading

A special system in which two different pleated fabrics can be installed.

Pleated shading with irregular shapes

The shading element is also suitable for windows of irregular shapes.

view shapes


The shading element is suitable for use in skylights.

Pleated fabrics

The fabric is 100% polyester, dyed with persistent colour and enriched with various coatings (dust-resistant, UV-resistant, insulation coating).


Duet fabrics

The DUET pleat is a special type of pleated shading. It is distinguished by its insulation and the consequent saving of energy. It is considered a dimming fabric.



  • with a handle – one- or two-sided – picture1
  • with a spring – picture2
  • with a drawstring – picture3
  • with a chain – picture4
  • with a telescopic rod – picture5