For the comfortable operation of external venetian blinds, we recommend power-driven operation with the following options:

1. Operation with switch key      2. Remote control      3. Complete system automation

1. Switch key

The electric drive operation of shading elements is a basic execution of an electric drive, where the shading element is controlled by a switch. In this system, an electrical installation must be arranged with the switch (connection of the blind drive to the switch), which controls the venetian blinds.

2. Remote wireless control

With this system, the shading element is operated with a remote control. The remote controls are multi-channel. You can specify which blind or group of blinds you will control with each channel.

One chanel-wireless-wall remote control.

One- or six-channel remote control. Each channel is programmable. You can control one or more shading elements with each channel, or you can control them all at once. 

3. Full automation

The system allows for the full automation of the shading elements. After setting, the blinds are automatically raised and lowered. With the addition of weather sensors, the blinds automatically adjust according to changes in weather. This increases energy savings in the building. It prevents the heating of the room (lowered shades) on hot days and reduces heat loss on cold days. Several shading elements can be controlled by one sensor.

A radio surveillance device programmed for 30 events. Allows for the automatic raising and lowering of shading elements according to pre-programming. In case of absence, you can activate the “vacation” function, which activates the blinds at different hours and days.

The WIND, SUN, RAIN sensor is a wireless device that adapts to weather changes.

Light and temperature sensor.
The COMPACT can raise or lower shading elements depending on the temperature measured in the room. The COMPACT sensor measures the temperature and brightness in your home and automatically opens or closes blinds to maintain the desired situation continuously. Proper use of the blinds increases the energy efficiency of your home.

Blinds controlled by your smartphone

Manage your electric blinds with a mobile application, even when you’re not at home.