Safety and comfort with Tehrol Roller Shutter Systems

Front-Mounted Roller Shutters

A solution for finished buildings, new constructions, adaptations.

The system is mounted on the outer side of the window, which means that the box is visible on the façade. Installation is simple and quick. You can choose from a variety of different colours of boxes, guide rails and slats to match the exterior appearance of the building.


Plaster Embedded Roller Shutters

A system for new construction.
The system is also suitable for adaptations where the façade is being renovated as well. Like the Front – Mounted Roller Shutter system, this system is mounted directly on the outer window frame, but this is done before finishing the façade. The roller box is also a concealed bracket, over which the façade is applied, so that the box is not visible.


Top–Mounted Roller Shutters

Suitable for adaptations, can be used in new construction.
It is mounted on a window inside the room upon its installation. The box, made of extruded plastic and additionally insulated, can be either visible or covered with plaster.


Asymmetric Roller Shutters

Windows with irregular shapes.
The system is designed for windows with irregular shapes. A broad selection of combinations and shapes of roller boxes for windows with an angle of 0.5° to 45°.