Aesthetic and effective

Tehrol safety slats are made of thick-walled extruded aluminium. They are durable and maintenance is simple.
Each roller safety grill is produced according to the requirements and specifications of the customer.


Aluminium slats are made of thick-walled aluminium and correspond to the TUV safety standards. The system includes a safety mechanism against the forced opening and closing of the roller safety grills.


The opening and closing of the safety grills can be via remote control, a wireless switch, or a lock. In case of a power outage, it can be operated manually with a rotary rod. The safety grills contain a security system that shuts down the operation of the roller door upon encountering an obstacle.


Obstacle detection

The doors are equipped with a photocell that stops the closing process in case of movement.

Optionally, a pressure switch can be mounted into the final slat, which detects an obstacle and halts the door.

Installation options