Sophisticated system

A high-quality product and the ideal solution if you are looking for something universal. An excellent choice for those who want to install a single insect screen system throughout the entire home. Rounded design, elegant, modern style, very versatile.

 Corrosion resistant

The thick-walled extruded aluminium profiles are resistant to weather conditions.

  High-quality net

The net consists of glass fibre and is UV-stabilized. The thin fibres allow for aeration and good visibility from the room.

We are presenting the Better View net, which further improves the view from your room. The fabric has a smaller diameter, allowing for better light permeability and aeration.

Simple installation

Quick and easy installation, also possible on finished buildings. It is mounted on the outer side of the window, on the façade, or under the plaster in a new construction. The roller keten insect screen can be integrated into various TEHROL external shading systems.